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Care Essentials

Care Essentials has specialised in patient warming since its establishment in 1996 and has set a bench mark for excellence. Whilst little has changed in competitive products in this field Care Essentials have looked at patient warming from both the clinical and engineering aspects. The development of the Micro Pore system for the delivery of air gives a constant air flow, thereby giving a uniform distribution of warm air across the patient. We have named our products Cocoons as we believe when they are used they give a warm cocooning effect. The Cocoon Convective Patient Warming system is based on a full range of Cocoon blankets as well as the state of the art CWS 4000 patient warming machine. The CWS 4000 is light and compact and has been developed to be user friendly for both health clinicians and biomedical engineers. The company prides itself in having a close working relationship with their clients and actively seeks their suggestions when producing new styles of Cocoon blankets. Care Essentials is committed to producing quality products at competitive prices therefore making patient warming an affordable practice.




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